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The Hollywood film season has arrived and the current season list of films could not be any better. The popular Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves is finally making his return as the notorious ‘Neo’ in Matrix 4. The actor is known for its role is John Wick, Constantine, and The Lake House.

The movie named Matrix: Resurrections, Village Roadshow Pictures, the creation house behind the Matrix series, delivered another mystery for the fans, and indeed, how about we simply say, they sure would not be disillusioned.

The movie is set in our current reality where conscious machines have toppled people and arrested them in a reproduction called the Matrix, the first set of three follows the undertakings of a human with fantastical forces who battles to oust the Machines and save humankind.

The series fourth film is effectively perhaps the most exceptionally expected latest film right now in the offing, including the arrival of cherished characters like Keanu Reeves’ Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity with Lana Wachowski coordinating performance. So we have assembled all that we think about The Matrix 4 up until this point, from the plot and projecting subtleties to refreshes on shooting and release dates.

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The Matrix 4 teaser gives a trippy feeling as it shows star Jonathan Groff (of The Mindhunter distinction) prior to continuing on to show Keanu’s Neo role wearing long hair on a road, preparing to battle against a huge gathering of individuals, to some degree like the John Wick films. The Matrix 4 teaser then, at that point, declares the arrival of the authority trailer in a range of two days.

It likewise features Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jonathan Groff, Christina Ricci, and Jessica Yu Li Henwick. Prior, Priyanka had taken to Instagram to report the release date of the movie, in front of the dispatch of the official trailer on Thursday, September 9.

The Priyanka’s Instagram post included Matrix’s series of two notable red and blue pills, with the inscription perusing, “That’s right! It’s nearly an ideal opportunity to take that pill… Trailer Thursday at 6 AM PT (6: 30pm IST). Feel free to tap the connection in my profile to encounter it yourself. The decision is yours!” If the audience clicks on both of the pills, it diverts them to two unique real factors.

It’s at present muddled how the film squeezes into the current course of events of the Matrix series, and the trailer possibly opened up more inquiries concerning where and when the spin-off is set. After the movies, there have been various stories that developed the Matrix universe through funnies, games, and animation.

Here are some reactions of the fans after the announcement of the release date of the Matrix 4 teaser:-

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