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The popular audio-based social app Clubhouse is now available for Android devices as well. It can be downloaded by Android users from Google Play Store for their smartphones. The Clubhouse app can be used after downloading. You need to invite it for this or you may have to wait.

You can speak to your friends who are already using this app for invites to Clubhouse. However, if you don’t get invites from anyone, you can join your waiting list. You can use it once the waiting list is over. How to use this app if you want to know

Here’s a step-by-step guide to use Clubhouse. By following this you can easily use the audio-based Social app Clubhouse On Android Phones.

1. Let you know Clubhouse audio-based social network app before you move on. Many people in this app come together to listen to conversations. Similarly, a feature Spaces exists on Twitter. Download it from Google Play Store first to use it.

clubhouse app


2. For this, you can search for Clubhouse on the Play Store. Clubhouse when search results are received: Download the Drop-in audio app. The app has to be created after it is downloaded. First, open the Clubhouse app.

3. Click the Get your username option after opening the app. Enter the phone number here. You will then need to verify the OTP. Then enter the first and last name. Then select the username. You’ll get a text message from the app once your account is ready.

4. Then sign in to the Clubhouse. To create a new room, click Start a Room at the bottom of the screen. Then select the room type. You can select Social, Open, Closed.

5. After the room is built, click Choose people and select what you want to add to the room. You can join by selecting a topic from the home screen to join a room. Similarly, you can also leave the room quietly by clicking on the Leave Quietly button.

The Clubhouse is currently available on iOS and Android. It launched on iOS last year, and the company started a US-only Android rollout in early May. As of May 21, it’s available on Android worldwide, and downloads of the Android version crossed 1 million in less than 2 weeks.

The developers wanted to scale up slowly. There are more Android users than iPhone users worldwide. Starting on Android might have killed the Clubhouse servers after a publicity stunt (like, say, having Musk in a room). Still, hitting 3 million users in the short time it did on iOS alone—see the chart above—is a lot of growth. (One million downloads on Android doesn’t necessarily equate to one million new users.)

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