Gadgets that were killed by smartphones

Smartphones have now turned into a lifestyle where our whole resides rely upon a glass section. In daily life by utilizing it for banking transactions, requesting food, booking tickets, watching films, listening to songs, watching videos, playing video games, and so on. But have you ever thought that smartphones are really killing the old devices by replacing them?

Smartphones with further developed logical abilities and networks than normal cell phones, went onto the economic market in the 1990s, however just acquired standard prevalence with the presentation of Apple’s iPhone. The iPhone changed the business by offering customers agreeable components like a touch screen interface and a virtual console. The first smartphone running on Android was acquainted with the shopper market in late 2008.

That is likely in light of the fact that smartphones overwhelm society today and can be utilized for pretty much every reason you can imagine. While smartphones are now a very popular device in the world and will in general be the most utilized gadget by nearly everybody. But it has included some major disadvantages. Smartphones changed the computerized world and accordingly, we saw numerous things pass on as a result of it.

Here is a portion of the devices that were killed by smartphones:-

1. Calculators

Calculators (formerly known as Mini-computer) gives straightforward and progressed numerical technology in a flawlessly planned small device. You most likely never thought about this, yet smartphones can be used to be a calculator machine in each home for doing fundamental calculations.


Regardless of whether you utilized it for your developing accounts bills, shopping bills, expenses, or calculating percentage of the mark sheet. Aside from logical number crunchers that are as yet being utilized by researchers, mathematicians, and physicists; we don’t actually see calculators anymore. Even the advanced calculation feature is making the work easier than the calculator by giving advanced logical calculation features.

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2. GPS Navigation

There are many GPS devices that were used in the 90s such as TomTom. But all the GPS devices are now outdated since the time GPS functionality is turned out to be amazingly exact on smartphones. We would see GPS function units equipped in vehicles, cab taxis, riders, and transport vehicles as those have now been equipped in smartphones.

gps navigation

The GPS navigation company named Garmin sold more than 45 million GPS units in 2008, and presently those deal numbers have been overwhelmed by smartphones. Google Maps offered a free route to android users that disturbed the GPS business while charging clients extra for maps was the standard.

3. Physical Shooting Cameras

The camera was discovered, or rather, developed by multiple people, over the course of history. At the time of the invention, it was very popular among the people. While simple to use cameras are making a rebound, it is just focused on photography lovers.


In the relatively recent past, we used to purchase digital lenses and cameras to grab a number of moments from our special occasions, birthday events, and different festivals. Notwithstanding, since smartphone cameras began to turn out to be amazingly acceptable, simple-to-use cameras have been totally supplanted with regards to mass buyer products. We will not actually see a resurgence of simple-to-use cameras at any point in the near future particularly since smartphone cameras are improving with every year. For example; Apple’s recently launched iPhone 13 which is equipped with the most advanced camera which can replace film recording as well.

4. MP3 players

A portable Mp3 player or digital audio player is a portable electronic device capable of storing and playing digital media such as audio. It is very much like how MP3 players killed Music CDs and Cassettes, smartphones killed the famous music players per contraption since the time the primary iPhone dispatched.

Smartphones presently accompany streaming applications like Jio Saavn, Apple Music, and Spotify or Android clients can basically move their downloaded library to the smartphone’s drive. Smartphones have now made it nostalgic to possess an MP3 player, given the reality, it was as yet cool to claim one every decade prior.

5. Versatile DVD players

DVD players were no joking matter among explorers who needed to watch their own movies. Today, you can just track down these in planes and may be presented to you if your showcase unit isn’t working. Compact DVD players were a pleasant item for individuals who spent a ton of timing driving or incessant explorers, but it was completely destroyed by cell phones and tablets.

Today, you can essentially watch Netflix, Amazon Prime or some other OTT stage on your own gadget gave you’ve downloaded the substance earlier.

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