dybbuk movie review

Emraan Hashmi and Ghost stories have a very old relation, it’s a never-ending saga. Continuing the same old love, his new film has come, “Dybbuk”. This title of the film comes from Jew meaning Jewish Mythology. An evil spirit, whose purpose has remained unfulfilled, is called a dybbuk.

Emraan Hashmi’s film is the official Hindi remake of the 2017 Malayalam film ‘Ezra’ and is almost similar to the 2012 Hollywood film named The Possession. There was Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead. The original film’s director Jayakrishnan has also directed the Hindi remake. Let’s check out the Dybbuk movie review.

Dybbuk Movie Cast

Emraan Hashmi as Sam Issac

Emraan Hashmi
Emraan Hashmi

Nikita Dutta as Mahi Sood

Nikita Dutta
Nikita Dutta

Manav Kaul as Rabi Markus

Bijay Anand as Sanjay

Alka as Norah’s Mother

Darshana Banik as Norah

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Dybbuk Movie Review

The story of the film, composed by Jay K, draws on Jewish old stories and the Hollywood film named The Possession. The Amazon Prime Video features actor Emraan Hashmi as Sam, a representative of an atomic garbage removal organization in the country Mauritius. His better half Mahi (Nikita Dutta) purchases an antique box that ends up containing a dybbuk – a noxious soul that tries to have people.

Another oddity is that the onus of conveying the soul, is not simply on the girl lead any longer. The legend likewise shares the weight, raising expect sex equity in the horror film. Rather than Nikita Dutta, it is Emran Hashmi who gets under the shower!

Aside from these apparently out-of-the-box moves, Dybbuk follows that same old script like dog recognize the soul, the had taken a night walk, and mirrors are intended to be broked. It appears director Jay K is motivated by the Vikram Bhatt school that loves to set up its scare fests in Colonial-time homes.

Such settings estrange the everyday person as he watches the dread of the heroes as an untouchable. What’s more, if the heroes are between confident couples living in a spooky place, it plays on the fantasy that such matches are cursed.

dybbuk movie

The film’s Hindi form is untethered to the Jewish presence in India, in contrast to the Malayalam creation. Maybe then place Dybbuk in a city like Mumbai, which has a rich Jewish history and a few Jewish tourist spots, Jay K and group migrate to the image of pretty Mauritius. The Hindi redo appears to have accompanied spending plan cuts as well. The special visualizations and cinematography were undeniably more powerful and air in Ezra.

All things considered, the film is not without defects. As opposed to insight, horror dramatization needs a compelling enthusiastic center to succeed. The Malayalam film The Priest, for example, arose as a business accomplishment in spite of its commonplace plot as the track including Manju Warrier added profundity to the story.

Along with that, Raaz engaged the horror lovers due to the reel elements among Dino and ‘Bips’. Dybbuk falers on this front. Besides, Emraan Hashmi’s scenes with Nikita don’t work fundamentally on the grounds that there is almost a balance between the two. The over-reliance on adages, for example, glinting lights weakens the experience. The rest of them is nice.


Emran Hashmi is in a natural area and essentially cruises through the functioning vacation in the East African country Mauritius. Manav Kaul makes a decent attempt to make the phantom busting Rabbi trustworthy. So does Denzil Smith as the Father. One relates the most with Nikita. With more than two articulations, it is difficult to figure whether she is terrified or shocked by the natural logic of the film. Dybbuk is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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