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In the cryptocurrency world, every day new coins come and goes but there are many innovative projects which are bringing a great revolution in the crypto industry. Today we are going to list some Cryptocurrency projects which you can mine from smartphones. Unlike other cryptos, it doesn’t require mining equipment which is very costly.

You can mine it with your mobile itself. It will not drain your battery. No need to be opened the app the whole day. Once in a day you can open and tab the mining button will suffice.

It is the first in this network-based series of cryptos. If you want to know more similar projects like the Pi network, please see till the end.

It was developed by genuine Standford University Ph.D. guys. So you may believe that this project will hit huge success. It is a zero investment process. I don’t want to miss out on this jackpot. Hence, I already joined and doing the mining.

Since you are interested in crypto projects, I would like to introduce some network mining here. If you like it you may join. I personally suggest that you do join all such crypto networks. At least three or four will hit huge success like BTC, ETH, etc.

1. Pi Network

pi network

Of course, you may already have installed Pi Network app. If you not yet installed it, please do it now. It was developed by Stanford University PhDs. 12 Million miners are already joined. Join free mining pool before listing. Going to be listed by this year itself.

The keen personalities behind Pi have a drawn-out arrangement. In the long run, they plan to permit you to straightforwardly buy labor and products utilizing Pi, by making a distributed commercial center for labor and products.

You’ll likewise be offered the opportunity to trade Pi for fiat money (like £, €, or $) as well. This is completely expected to be conceivable in ‘stage 3’ of the undertaking.

Naturally, you’ll be thinking about what precisely ‘stage 3’ is. Stage 1 – which included getting enough clients ready – was dispatched in March 2019 and was finished one year later.

2. Bee Network

bee network

It is a copycat of Pi Network. Launched in Dec 2020 only, however, more than 10 million users have joined. You can hunt more Bees since it is the new one. Once in 24 hours, you have to click the Bee Mining Button that’s all. After joining, you are able to view my Bee minings.

If the data on your phone, including your contacts and location, has zero value to you and you do not mind the risk of getting your mobile phone infected with potential malware, you can consider installing Bee Network. What you get for this is a possibility that Bee Network, which provides no data on its team, will build a blockchain with valuable coins and allow you to trade them.

3. Eagle Network

eagle network

It is a copycat of Bee Network. Launched on 26th Feb 2021 only. Going to reach 1 Million users in a month. You can hunt more Eagles since it is the new one. Once in 24 hours, you have to click the Mining Button that’s all.

4. Timestope


It is a Korean launch. It will be like XRP (Ripple Labs). It will beat XRP in the future. Daily morning you need to click the attendance button and it will give an attendance score of 2 points in addition to the default 100 points, if you forget to give attendance, it will reduce 3 points. So, it is a matter of 5 seconds. If your attendance score reached 0, your account will be deactivated and cannot be reactivated. I have reached an attendance score of 600 and earned 3.6 Lakh Timestopes in just 4 months. So, it is easy.

It as of now obtains clients’ information however doesn’t offer any current benefit to them. It gives virtual coins however they are not tradable in any trades. It is one more arrangement in a jam-packed market. Various applications like the Pi Network or the Bee Network have fundamentally the same as cases

5. Spotter

It was developed by two Italians with the intention to make it accessible to everyone in the Cryptocurrency world. Initially, it was boring since I need to click the mining button once in 2 hours. However, within three months I earned more than 4 lakhs spotters which is my highest cryptocurrency holding.

6. Midcoin

Midcoin Quantity is limited to 26 Million which is equal to BTC. Hence, on the listing, it will have high demand and hence its price will shoot up. Till now only 2 million coins have mined. I personally feel that it will gain value like BTC in the future. Since its mining speed is very slow, its future value will be higher. For the past 3 months, I mined 30 Midoins.

7. Cloud Earning PHT

Earn PHT passively on the cloud. Start your 7-day mining session. After 7 days, u will get a notification for collecting the mined PHT. Collect and start mining again. For the past 3 months, I have earned 2 Lakh PHTs and staked them for a better return.

8. Ecoin


Ecoin has designed the World’s first AI-driven sign-up process that prevents Sybil attack and provides guaranteed genuine unique users by using just email/ phone no without hard KYC docs. Ecoin is the world’s fastest-growing Cryptocurrency in terms of users which is working towards the world’s biggest airdrop.

9. CowCow

Join the new blockchain mining game. You can receive COW tokens as a reward for free. CowCow is an innovative mobile blockchain mining game. You can receive COW Tokens by doing work. The level increases according to the total number of COW token mining. Mining is slow. Try if you do not want to miss out on anything available free now.

10. Reflex Cloud Mining

reflex cloud mining

Reflex is a new cryptocurrency project that wants to completely revolutionize the world of online social media. This app allows you to mine Reflex cryptocurrency directly in the cloud from your smartphone without consuming energy. The app is a little bit slow. Try if you do not want to miss out on anything available free now.

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