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Asur web series is a psychological thriller web series. It consists of 8 episodes, with a duration of 40 mins each. The series dares to ask some relevant questions of how do we become psychopaths or are we born psychopaths? Does the mind belong to the body, or is the mind its own entity?

Asur review for me would be that it is truly a well-shot series with all the right men in the right shoes. There is a visual grammatical treat that is quite arresting. And when Asur starts rolling, it is quite engrossing. When it lets go of its pretense, it is quite commendable. The characters of the series and their collective talent shine through even when they don’t act. But these are mere silver linings. The black cloud looms large while I had wished for a sunnier day.

Asur show on Voot is a well-crafted series doing on loop and off the loop at places. Nevertheless, it becomes successful in maintaining the thrill and excitement graph of the audience.

Asur Indian Web Series 2020 Review

The Asur web series keeps you drew in till the end. Acting, Direction, Cinematography, ambient sound is very acceptable in the series. Every one of the entertainers has worked really hard. Initial 5 to 6 episodes are champion contrasted with the last two. In the end, the plot begins losing its hold as numerous occasions and activities appear illogical.

However, the suspense will keep you engaged till the end. Half of the arrangement makes it a decent watch. They have guaranteed an ideal mix of folklore, criminology, and what considering not many individuals can mean for different individuals around us. A lot of references are given to the accounts from Purana and Vedas which ends up being the quintessence of the relative multitude of activities acted in the arrangement.

After a miserable start,  Asur starts to construct, making you travel into a dim and hazardous world, finishing every scene with a sensational snare. The story unfurls on two timetables. The web s discloses series 1 years prior, in Varanasi where a kid and his dad are on a boat during an inception service, finishing on a lamentable note. This spine-chiller on Voot stinks of an unpredictable plot that appears developing and similarly confounding for at a point it investigates rationale versus conviction. Nonetheless, the essential last two scenes are the place where it loses its hard-won grasp. The new winds, the continuous strains, and superfluous misfortune are tossed into a blender to make one of its sort web series for Voot. As Nikhil, Barun Sobti astonishingly passes on the ideal mix of mindfulness, impulse, and sympathy and dares to have an astounding rebound. Warsi as a tribute to all his solid pieces has all the earmarks of being getting a charge out of a substantial, non-humorous character.

There is a visual linguistic treat that is very capturing Asur is an exceptionally definite content where every scene is created playing with the correct strings by Director Oni Sen. A sublime foundation score, cinematography, and creation configuration stands upstanding in making Asur a grasping watch.

Asur Web Series Cast

Actor Name Character
Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi

Dhananjay Rajpoot
Barun Sobti Nikhil Nair
Riddhi Dogra

Riddhi Dogra

Nusrat Saeed
Anupriya Goenka Naina Nair
Sharib Hashmi Lolark Dubey
Ayyushi Mehta Rhea Nair
Pawan Chopra Shashank Awasthi
Anvita Sudarshan Raina Singh
Amey Wagh Rasool Shaikh

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Asur Full HD Free Online Watch

Asur is a unique crime thriller that pits two opposing worlds against each other. The less explored, intricate world of forensic science and the deep mysticism of ancient Indian Mythology. You can officially watch it on the Voot platform. There is a total of 8 episodes on the series.

asur web series

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